Share Your Story

If you are interested in appearing as a guest on my blog, being interviewed, or simply sharing your story, feel free to e-mail me!  Please do so in the spirit of what this website is all about.


  1. In the process of getting implants.
  2. Have been implanted.
  3. First time turn-on.
  4. Children of implanted adults.
  5. Parents of implanted children.
  6. Hearing loss / disability.
  7. Struggles with implants.
  8. Successes with implants.
  9. CODA.
  10. Hearing, implanted, and deaf cultures.
  11. Speech and audio therapies.
  12. Dealing with bullies.
  13. Language (sign language, verbal, body, etc).
  14. Faith, family, & friends.
  15. Insurance.


Having chosen what you want to do (interview, guest blogging, send a story) and what topic/issues you want to share, it’s time to send it to me!

Subject Line: (Topic – Your Title)



Circumstance / Identity: (Deaf, HH, Implanted, Hearing, CODA, etc.)

Your Blog/Website: (Optional)

In your message, please share if you want to do an interview where we can chat back and forth, set down some questions and answers, and go from there.

Or you could simply attach/copy your story //or// a guest blog post where you share information that can help others.

Thank you!


P.S. Important Note:

When you are sending me an e-mail to that address, you are giving me permission to publish the content.  I request, furthermore, that you disclose at the bottom of your e-mail that you are aware of this, you agree to it, and understand that it is still your content (copyrighted to your name by your own declaration) that you have permitted me to publish.

Thanks!  May you be well and your day be bright.


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