Attend With Your Hearts



id you come across here to find community and information on cochlear implant? You got it.

Were you looking for more Scriptural-based or spirituality of Christianity on attending with your hearts? You got it.

My manifesto will tell you everything in a neat little summary.  But the reality is, living in the world we do today, nothing is ever neat or completely defined.  So, when we re-define something, we do it within our hearts and in the life we live.

I am redefining what it is to hear and I am compelled to do so in the name of Christ.  Straightforward? You betcha.  Genuine? With ever fiber of my being.  Regardless of your place in life, you are invited to learn from what I have to offer.  And I am pleased to learn from this journey I am embarking upon, which means I also listen to my readers.

Everything I write here is about dealing with listening and managing.  Is your cochlear implant hurting your ear? There are solutions.  Do you feel as if you don’t hear everything? There are answers.  Is your child implanted?  There are things you can do, lovingly, as a parent to support your child as mine have supported me.  Are you going through the process of insurance and candidacy for an operation? I’ve been there.

You are a steward of your ear and your child’s.  It’s something that God has entrusted to you.  If you are questioning the value of the implant, there is no real answer to that.  My response to something like that is that not everyone gets it and not everyone chooses to have it.  And that God provides different avenues of hearing — completely deaf? That’s okay, there is an ear upon your heart to listen with.  There is a wide range of communication available to you.

Never allow a disability, wherever place you are in, to hinder you and your life.  You are blessed, no matter what.

And you are invited along on this journey.  Enjoy.